Police believe that jealousy or rivalry lay behind an attack on Kanjana Boonthong, 20, who was shot in the buttocks as her boyfriend was taking her home on his motorbike. Yuthana Chamalai, her 25-year-old boyfriend, said that a large group of teens on motorbikes began following them and fired a volley of shots, one of [...] Read more...
A woman found dead in her room near a toilet at Sahachai market in Sattahip died of natural causes, according to police. Patumwadee Pemkoontod, 52, had for many years collected the 5-baht entry fee from toilet users. Her granddaughter said that the deceased tended to neglect herself by drinking whiskey and not eating enough, and [...] Read more...
BANGKOK, 1 August 2014: Belmond Ltd owners and operator of the Eastern & Oriental Express train said, Thursday, it is waiting for a full assessment of last Sunday’s train accident before it can gauge the impact on up-coming departures. Up-coming departures for  its Singapore-Bangkok three-day/two-night luxury train trip are 22 August, 20 September and 3 [...] Read more...
On Thursday evening, Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej officially endorsed the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), whose 200 members are all appointed by the military junta. A clear majority is dominated by active and retired military officers, while the rest consists of businesspeople, academics, technocrats and former senators. Former politicians of recent governments are barred from eligibility as Read more...
btw, Saksith has a nice infographic here. AP: The dominance of active and retired military officers in the legislative body reinforces the army’s hold on power in the run-up to the 2015 polls. The junta, officially called the National Council for Peace and Order, has already granted itself what amounts to supreme power over political Read more...
BANGKOK, 1 August 2014: Apart from moving the annual elephant polo tournament from Hua Hin to Bangkok this year, ‘ladies’ will have their day in the sun on the tournament sidelines, 30 August, for a fun day of “fashion, giggles and bubbles”. No explanation was given for the bubbles, but the day-long fancy dress statement [...] Read more...
Seven protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks gathered in Bangkok’s financial district to show their disapproval of the coup and the new interim charter which grants an amnesty for the coup makers on Thursday evening. 
The protesters gathered for photos for only five minutes on the Chong Nonsi BTS Skywalk on Thursday 6.20pm. There were at least two plainclothes police officers observing the activity.
The move signals the contrast between the uproar against the amnesty bill proposed by the government of Yingluck Shinawatra last year, and the silence in the face of the junta's grant of an amnesty to themselves earlier this week.
The group, calling themselves "Unhappy Thai Citizens Network," held signs in Thai and English reading "Against amnesty bill", "No to amnesty", "Unhappy citizens", among others.
The Guy Fawkes mask was formerly used by pro-establishment protestors against former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to express opposition to the controversial blanket amnesty bill, aimed at whitewashing Thaksin and the leaders of the red-shirt and yellow-shirt camps.
One of the protesters, who asked not to be named, said they oppose the amnesty for the coup makers because the coup has led to serious human rights violations. She added that she had opposed the amnesty bill pushed by the Yingluck government, and wanted to insist that granting amnesty to oneself is unacceptable regardless of who does it.
"The reaction to the military junta's amnesty is extremely quiet. I think people who opposed the amnesty bill last year should come out and join us in opposing all amnesty laws, and not just the ones proposed by people they don't like," she said.
Leaders of a Muslim group reported to the junta after organizing a gathering calling for peace in Gaza in front of the Israeli Embassy. 
Satienpab Suksamran and Somchai Saisawad, leaders of the Al Quds International Council of Thailand, on Sunday reported to the junta’s National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) at the Thai Army Club, the Thai National Broadcasting reported on Thursday.  
Satienpab said he clarified to the NCPO that the activity, organized by Al Quds, was aimed at denouncing the violence against Muslims in Palestine. The same activity was held across the world and the activity had nothing to do with Thai politics, he added.
On 25 July, Satienpab led a group of protesters on a walk from the Islamic Bank of Thailand in Bangkok’s Klong Ton district to the Israeli Embassy in Pathumwan district.
Within about two months since the junta’s National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) seized power on 22 May 2014, the junta has decided to spent more than 138 billion baht or about 4.3 billion US dollars.  
See larger image here
17 June 2014 The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives said it had paid 89,931 million baht to 838,538 rice farmers who had not yet received payment from the Rice Pledging Scheme under the civilian Pheu Thai government 
17 June 2014 The NCPO approved a budget of 5,400 million baht to help 580,000 victims of natural disasters since 2012 who had not yet been compensated by civilian governments. 
24 June 2014 The NCPO approved a budget of 8,357 million baht to continue building 396 police stations which had been left unfinished. The project was initiated during the Abhisit Vejjajiva government.  
24 June 2014 The NCPO approved 96 million baht for the Fisheries Department to provide farmers with shrimp larvae after the spread of Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) in shrimps. 
28 June 2014 The NCPO approved 17,000 million baht for water management projects to prevent floods and drought.  
4 July 2014 The NCPO approved a budget of 2,455 million baht for the Army to build a museum on valuable woods.
9 July 2014 As part of the Return Happiness campaign, the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives reduced the interest rate for farmers to three percent (no more than 50,000 baht per one farmer) with the government paying compensation to the bank. In total, the government has to pay 2,292 million baht   
22 July 2014 The NCPO approved a budget 4,401 million baht as a loan for the Bangkok Metropolitan Transportation Authority. 2,870 million baht of the budget is for gasoline while 1,531 million baht is for bus maintenance. This is also to increase the liquidity of the BMTA. 
22 July 2014 The NCPO approved a 252 million baht budget for renovation of Government House and the PM’s Official Residence, Phitsanulok House.
22 July 2014 The NCPO approved 1.3 million baht for the Education Ministry to buy and install distance education equipment at 15,411 schools across the country. 
22 July 2014 The NCPO approved 119.15 million baht for scholarships for 300 students at the Asian Institute of Technology in the 2014 and 2015 semesters. 
25 July 2014 The NCPO approved a 200 million baht budget for the Anti-Money Laundering Office to improve its computer system. 
28 July 2014 The NCPO approved a budget of 163 million baht to buy longan, rambutan and long kong from farmers in the North, East, and the South. 
The total of 138 billion baht does not include the spending for the more than 84,000 “return happiness” events. 
On July 10, Suthichai Yoon had an op-ed in The Nation entitled “General Prayuth’s dilemma: A single, dual or triple role?”. Key excerpts: In one way, he doesn’t want to be seen as the “Supreme Leader”. But then, since he has decided to take the plunge, he will have to see the mission through – and Read more...